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Page history last edited by Sandra Annette Rogers 8 years, 6 months ago


Welcome to Our Wonderful Wiki!



Mrs. Rogers' Intermediate Listening Course



Revised Syllabus Update on 6-24-2010



Contact Information in June's Newsletter



At the end of this class, you will be able to: 

  • Follow the steps to interact and collaborate on this wiki; 
  • Use vocabulary words associated with technology, English pronunciation, and listening strategies; 
  • Use strategies to improve your listening skills;
  • Use online tools for communication (Yahoo Instant Messaging, Voxopop, & Skype) 
  • Listen to different types of dialogues and follow the discussion at the surface level.



  1. Request access to this wiki to become a user/member. 
  2. Create an account with www.Voxopop.com (See activities page).
  3. Bring a notebook and take notes during class.  Bring a folder to collect all of your assignments and tests together in order to prepare for the final exam.
  4. Complete all the listening tasks and homework in a timely manner.
  5. Participate by leaving voice recordings on Voxopop, writing comments on this wiki, and asking questions in class.
  6. Follow the guidelines of Netiquette.



  1. If you're absent, you're expected to visit this wiki (Website) and do the activities for the day.  That includes listening to new audio files and/or completing homework activities.
  2.  If you're absent, you're expected to come see me for activity sheets and/or information for the class work you missed.
  3. The teacher expects you to be on task at all times during class; this means that you should be working on the class activities and not going off task such as using your cell phone or not doing anything.  
  4. If you complete an assignment early, then let the teacher know and ask for independent activities such as listening to the listening tool page


Need Help?

  •  The 30-second training videos show you how to edit, add videos, and invite users.
  • Go to the training manual page located in the sidebar. 
  • The best way to get your support questions answered is to click the help link at the top of this page.


Need Extended Learning Opportunities?

  • Go to the Listening Tools page to discover more ESL learning activities.
  • Ask to write content on this wiki to help your instructor. 
  • View the students' projects on the Student Page.



Listen to Mrs. Rogers' Welcome Message


Sandra Rogers is a doctoral student at the University of South Alabama and works at Spring Hill College.  She has a Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).  She has taught EFL in Guatemala, Brazil, Mozambique, as well as ESL in the United States.  She lives in Daphne, Alabama with her husband.



Comments (8)

wael said

at 10:01 pm on Jun 1, 2010

hi ms rogers iam wael i like your class it is nice

Sandra Annette Rogers said

at 10:51 pm on Jun 1, 2010

Hi Wael,
Thank you for your positive feedback!
Your Teacher,
Mrs. Rogers

Sandra Annette Rogers said

at 1:07 pm on Jun 2, 2010


We missed you in class today! Please do activities 2 and 3 on the listening activities page of this wiki.

Mrs. Rogers

saleh said

at 8:51 pm on Jun 9, 2010

hi ms rogers sorry for change the class but my here everyday
I will miss you


Sultan said

at 5:03 pm on Jun 10, 2010


Sandra Annette Rogers said

at 8:41 pm on Jun 10, 2010

Thank you for your message! We wish you the best in your new class. You are welcome to visit and learn from us online on this wik.

Mrs. Rogers

wldkfl said

at 9:48 am on Jun 18, 2010

Hello~ Mrs.Rogers.
I'm Jihye. ^^*
Your listeing-class is very good. I love this class.
Have a nice day~~

Sandra Annette Rogers said

at 4:14 pm on Jun 20, 2010

Hi Jihye,
Thank you very much! I'm glad to have you in my class.

Have a nice weekend,
Mrs. Rogers

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