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Practice for Final Exam

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Practice Exam


Directions: Place the correct vocabulary in the sentences below.



 I like to use the ______browser__________, Mozilla Firefox, for web surfing; however, I have to  use Internet Explorer for work. 



1.  Mrs. Rogers created an online website called a  _____________ for the course.



2..  Helping verbs such as be, have and would can be ______________ to the schwa sound (ə).



3. _______________________ is one way to improve your listening while in public areas. To do it you need to listen in on someone's conversation.



4. I check to see if all the ______________ on the wiki are "hot."


5. Minimizing something is making it smaller while _____________ something is making it bigger or larger.


6. Voiced letters require the ______________  to vibrate while unvoiced letters are produced with a stream of air .


7. To launch a website faster, you can _______________ it or save it, as a favorite on your browser.


8. Use a _______________ to pronounce a voiceless letter like /p/.


9. Change the _______________ to 14 when writing on this wiki.


10.  We have listened to many visitors or ______________ in our class.


11. To ______________ the text on the computer screen, click on Control and + (plus), and to reduce the text on the screen,   click on Control and - (minus)


12. Mrs. Rogers gave you permission to edit content, that means that you have _______________.


13. The ________________ is a list of vocabulary with definitions to reference for understanding. 



14. The USA has a large________________ with all of the students' information.


15.   I always ________________ music to a file.


16.  Mail that goes electronically from your computer to someone else's computer is called ________________.


17. Mrs. Rogers _____________ address is sandrogers123@yahoo.com.


18. The_______________, also know as the World Wide Web, was created by the US government.


19. A word used to enter in a Google search to find more information is called a _____________.


20. I check all the ______________ on the wiki and they work.


 21. I ________________ and use my password to enter Mrs. Rogers' wiki.  


22. My status on Skype shows that I'm ________________.


23. When you look for information on the Internet, this is called ____________. 


24. The _______________ for this wiki is http://teacherrogers.pbworks.com. 


25. Your _____________ for a Yahoo account is your first part of the email, for example, mine is sandroger123. 


26. My favorite ___________________ is Firefox.   


27. The______________  for our wiki is in the sidebar.


28. The Glossary Page is a ___________ on our wiki.


29. I usually use Google's ___________________.


30. A wiki is a _______________.


31. I wear an ____________ suit for the interview.  



32. Women like to have _____________ in Korea and work just like men do.  


33.  __________________ , I go to the mall when I feel happy.  


34.  I ______________photos to my facebook profile.


35.   I __________________ Mrs. Rogers' vocabulary lists.


 36.  Sometimes I record my voice to make an_____________________.  


37.  When my teacher has concerns, she gives us a questionnaire or ______________ to learn how we feel. 


38. You can_____________  a movie should you need to answer the phone and then return to your program


39. Mrs. Rogers' did a _______________ and realized that she needed to loose some weight.


40.  It is _____________ that it will snow in the summer time.


41. He spent his whole life fighting for racial ____________________.






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