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Week 3 Activities

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Debriefings on Activities


Directions: Please answer these questions in class during our discussion.  Otherwise, send me an email, or respond at the bottom of this wiki with your comments.  Your feedback is very important!  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


  1. How do you like the guest speakers?
  2. How did you like the homework activities? 
  3. How did you like the audio test?
  4. How do you like the wiki?
  5. How do you like the audio recordings?
  6. Are you improving your listening skills?
  7. Are you learning new words?
  8. Have you improved your American English accent?


How to Ask for Clarification

Note: Being able to ask for clarification when you don't understand is actually a very good listening skill! (Offline)


Useful questions and statements to elicit more information: LISTEN 

  1. I'm sorry, what did you say?
  2. Could you repeat that please?
  3. Pardon?
  4. I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said.
  5. You want to do what?
  6. Say that again.
  7. Could you say that slowly please?



Homework:  Study for your test on the three sounds of the final -s.  Study your vocabulary for Week 2 on the glossary page.  Test is on Tuesday the 15th. 


Retest: If you failed the listening test, you will be given the opportunity to retest.  There is a time limitation to the retesting, so if you are absent, you may miss the opportunity to do so. 


Test on Week 2


Week 2 Listening Test: (Paper Test) There are 3 versions of the test.  Place the word in the right column according to the final -s sound.  Half of the  words are from the list that we worked on for homework and the other half are new words.  You will also have vocabulary words from week 2 on the test.  Make sure you know how to spell them, say them, and add the proper final -s sounds.  Please do not talk during the class.  When you are finished, pass you test to the teacher.  Good luck!


Homework:  Listen to the Listening Tools Page 


The 3 Sounds of the Past Tense -ed


The Sound of the Past Simple and Past Participle of Regular Verbs

 Preteaching: Watch this YouTube video of another teacher's lesson on this topic.


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Directions: Place the verbs into the correct columns to show the correct sound of the –ed ending.


(acted, advised. believed, complicated, cried, dated, denied, decided, deserved, discussed, expected, faced, grieved, hated, inflated, inspired, jumped, kicked, kissed, liked, matched, missed, moved, needed, offended, offered, played, punished, seized, threatened, veiled, wanted, washed)


 /t/ /Id/
Ex.  moved
Ex.  washed
Ex.  wanted
believed  advised  acted 


Your classmate, Hadi, added these correctly to the chart.


LISTEN to Mrs. Rogers read the words from the list!






Guest Speaker on Thursday: Aaron Stewart, USA college student and ELC tutor.

He will talk about coursework at the university.  Please use the list of questions to interact with him or ask your own questions of interest.


Homework: Study the list of words for week 3 on the Glossary page.




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