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Week 4 Activities

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We're halfway through the course!




1. Listen to this YouTube video to prepare for the test this week on the 3 sounds of the past tense -ed: /t/, /d/, and /Id/. 


2. Don't forget to listen to the audio file on the chart on Week 3 page.


3. Review the vocabulary words for week 3 on the Glossary page.


4. For extra credit, I will ask you how to ask for clarification (see list from week 3).


Homework: Study for your test!


Listening Test on the three sounds of the past tense -ed


Vocabulary test in class.


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Create Your Own Content!


Individual Mini-Projects

Each of you will add some content to this wiki on the Student Page You can add images, word documents, audio files, or YouTube videos.  Add the content in the box next to your name.  You all have "writers" privileges, but we found out that we cannot all work on the wiki at the same time.  Therefore, this will be your homework.  Make sure that if you add hyperlinks that they are 1) appropriate, and 2) they work.  If you have not become a member of this wiki, you need to create an account and log in to edit the page.  Refer to the Training Manual for help; look for the icon that says "Editor." 


Homework: Work on your mini-project!


Due Date: Monday of Week 8 which is July 19th.




1. We are going to watch a video from New Interchange (Jack Richards, 2002) in class and follow the dialogue of a couple who receive some visitors.  Then we will answer some questions and fill in some cloze exercises, so listen carefully.  So far, we have been listening to monologues which have only one speaker.  Now we follow some dialogues which are between two or more speakers. (Offline) 


2. Then we will hear a dialogue between two people describing clothing.  Listen and take the quiz.  Then read the script and learn some idioms.  Tell the teacher your score.

Randall's ESL Lab: http://www.esl-lab.com/clothing/clothingrd1.htm


3. More videos!  Today we are going to watch another video from New Intechange about a family picnic.  Then we will answer some questions and fill in some cloze exercises like before, so listen carefully.  Remember, this is active listening; that means you will have your pen in your hand and filling-in-the-blank as you listen to video.  If you do not get the answer, then copy them from the board.  I will collect your worksheet at the end of the day, as it will be counted as your daily participation grade. (Offline)


4. Listen to this dialogue between two friends on the Internet site.  Fransisco describes his family.  Then take a quiz and tell the teacher your score. http://www.esl-lab.com/family1/fam1.htm


Listen to the English Sounds


Vowel Sounds  (Offline) 

Listen to the Pronunciation Power CD in English, not in your native language.  Go to the section on vowel sounds: a, e, i, o, u. 



Guest Speaker: To be announced (TBA).  You will have a dialogue with the speaker via Skype, so please prepare some questions of your own or use this list.


Homework: Work on your mini-project!




Directions: We will play the spelling race using our vocabulary words.  The person who spells the word correctly first, wins the match.  Two students will play against each other while the rest of the class is looking at their spelling words.  Please do not translate or otherwise talk to the students during the competition. (Offline) 


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