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Week 5 Activities

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Directions: We will play some interactive games in class with a piece of paper.  Follow the teacher's instruction and draw what the teacher says.  In the first game, we will draw shapes in certain locations on the page.  Then  for our second game, we will draw furniture in a bedroom, as described by the teacher.  I hope you like the games!




Create Your Own Content!


Individual Mini-Projects

Each of you will add some content to this wiki on the Student Page You can add images, word documents, audio files, or YouTube videos.  Add the content in the box next to your name.  You all have "writers" privileges, but we found out that we cannot all work on the wiki at the same time.  Therefore, this will be your homework.  Make sure that if you add hyperlinks that they are 1) appropriate, and 2) they work.  If you have not become a member of this wiki, you need to create an account and login to edit the page.  Refer to the Training Manual for help; look for the icon that says, "Editor." 


Homework: Work on your mini-project!


Due Date: Monday of Week 8 which is July 19th.



Listen to the English Sounds


Vowel Sounds  (Offline) 

Listen to the Pronunciation Power CD in English, not in your native language.  Go to the section on vowel sounds: a, e, i, o, u. 




1. We are going to watch a video in class and follow the dialogue of a documentary about American homes from New Interchange (Jack Richards, 2002).  Fill in the chart with the items in each room of the house. Listen carefully and then we will go over the spelling of the items in class.  (Offline)


2. This week we will challenge my class with a more difficult level of quizzes--Medium level; Mrs. Joseph's class will take the Easy level quizzes.  Listen and take several audio quizzes.  Tell the teacher your score.  Go to Randall's ESL Lab: http://www.esl-lab.com.


3. Listen and test yourself at http://www.esl-lab.com

IMPORTANT: My students will use this quiz as their grade for the test this week!  Students, on Friday after you take your Medium level quiz, turn it in for a grade.  You may take more than one and combine the grades; however, you may not take the same one over and over.  




Due to improper use (cheating) of the vocabulary list during testing, the words for this week were handed out to you to study.  The definitions will be added to the Glossary after the test. 


This week we learned several ways to study the vocabulary list: (Offline) 

  1. Fold the paper to hide the word from the definitions and test yourself on the meanings.
  2. Ask a partner to test you on the meanings of a word.
  3. Don't translate the words into your language.  Instead, use the English-English dictionary online or buy a paperback dictionary.  I also suggest buying a junior dictionary or "First" dictionary to have simpler definitions.


Speaker: Mrs. Rogers will talk to you about Mobile Bay Keepers and how you can volunteer to help out with the oil spill.  


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