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Week 6 Activities

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Create Your Own Content!


Individual Mini-Projects

Each of you will add some content to this wiki on the Student Page You can add images, word documents, audio files, or YouTube videos.  Add the content in the box next to your name.  You all have "writers" privileges, but we found out that we cannot all work on the wiki at the same time.  Therefore, this will be your homework.  Make sure that if you add hyperlinks that they are 1) appropriate, and 2) they work.  If you have not become a member of this wiki, you need to create an account and log in to edit the page.  Refer to the Training Manual for help; look for the icon that says "Editor." 


Homework: Work on your mini-project!


Due Date: Monday of Week 8 which is July 19th.


UPDATE: Many students have shared their mini-projects.  Please take time to view your classmates projects and add your own if you haven't done so already.


GRADE: Your mini-project counts towards your participation grade.  Remember that participation counts for 50%!





Let's play a game of Concentration.  This is an audio game with a deck of cards.  You try to match the word you hear; you will not see the written word.  When you match a pair, then they will disappear.  Try to challenge yourself.  Play as many games as you can by yourself, then we will try to play the game as a class competition on the big screen.

Go to this Web site:  http://www.manythings.org/ac/ac.html





This week we will watch a documentary video about jobs from New Interchange (Jack Richards, 2002). First, we will preview the vocabulary and learn the different professions.  Then, you will be an active listener and watch for details about each person's job and complete a chart in class. (Offline)




Hear a Blog:  We will visit Mrs. Rogers' blog about job-related resources and ideas about how to find a job.  Each blog post has an audio recording called iSpeech.com.  The recordings have been slowed to ease understanding.  Listen and read several articles. We will select one for discussion.  Blogging4Broke


Guest Speaker:   ESL Instructor, Chimene Gecewicz will talk about the Accelerated Reading (AR) program and answer any questions you may have. (Thursday at 9:30 a.m.)


Homework: Listen to all the resources on the Listening Tools Page and take the survey on SurveyMonkey.com.





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